La nature de vos cosmétiques, l'excellence de soins

To certify your cosmetics

We are noticing that more and more people want to make organic cosmetics. Obviously, Copaïba consultancy & formulation welcomes this approach with pleasure, and it is a point of honor to guide clients through this process.

For validation from certification bodies - there are several, each with its own requirements, such as Ecogarantie, Nature, Cosmos, Ecocert, Nature & Progress, BDIH (to mention only European ones) - Copaïba verifies all aspects and recent updates and builds the requested formulas in strict compliance with these documents.

The official approval follows, and this usually happens before or during the first production. A certification body, usually chosen based on its proximity to the manufacturer, checks if the established formulas and manufacturing specifications respond well to conditions.

Of course, a similar approach can be performed to obtain a ECEAE (the European Coalition to End Animal Experiment) certification or IHTK (Internationaler Herstellerverband Kosmetik gegen Tierversuche in der ev. - International federation of producers against animal testing in cosmetics).

For companies wishing to access the Arab world in particular, the Halal Certification through ECCH (European Halal Certification and Control) or EIHC (European Islamic Halal Certification) has to be considered.