Your european cosmetics records & CPNP notifications

The Directive 76/768/EEC - and its many amendments - has set the legal and health requirements which must be met by cosmetics sold on the European market during more than 40 yeas. This directive provided inter alia that a file of information must be compiled for each cosmetic and made available to the relevant authorities of the member states concerned.

Having become very lengthy in its annexes and amendments, this legislation was extensively revised and corrected in the Directive 1223/2009/CE adopted by the European Parliament on March 24, 2009 - and entered into force on July 11, 2013. The responsibilities of the various actors responsible for the placement of cosmetics on the market in the European Union are listed, as well as the requirements for the folder that must clearly contain a safety assessment of each cosmetic product.

If you are responsible for the placement of a cosmetic product on the market of a member country of the European Union, you must draw up and make available to relevant authorities a technical dossier including, among others, the clear identification of the ingredients used, the protocol of manufacture, quality control, the match between labeling and regulations, and security assessments based on scientific requirements.

Copaïba consultancy & formulation can perform quality control for your records as required by the Directive 1223/2009/CE and the SCCS guidelines (Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety).


Furthermore, the thirteenth article in the 1223/2009/CE Regulation provides for notification of cosmetic products to the European Commission by electronic means, prior to placing each cosmetic product on the market. This notification, unique and centralized by the European Commission, replaces national notifications from each member state. From January 11, 2012, each person responsible could inform the notification cosmetics portal (CPNP, Cosmetic Products Notification Portal); a procedure which is mandatory from July 11, 2013.

Copaïba consultancy & formulation will gladly help you in these new notification procedures ...


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