How much does the product development cost ?

There is no point in pretending that our work is not highly complex. It can take a great many hours to develop a product and this reality more than justifies our corresponding fee.

However, if the goals are well explained by the client at the outset, the basic ingredients are understood, and no major changes are made along the way, it is quite possible to develop a formula for a reasonable cost. This cost becomes even more reasonable in light of the number of products which will be manufactured according to the formula, and then later sold.

A product with a consistent and clear focus generally requires less research than one with different targets. This is why we emphasize product consistency, which serves our customer's budget in the launch of his cosmetic line. On the other hand, a consultancy may not always answer every issue and we can sometimes only solve one aspect of the product, leaving the customer total freedom to take care of the rest. In our experience, some technically simple formulas have given remarkable results once manufactured and sold, but were made ​​for very modest sums.

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